Monday, January 30, 2006

Welcome to Manning the Barricades

It is ironic that on this day, when so many are discouraged by the current turn of events viv a vis the Alito confirmation, I am launching Manning the Barricades.

Manning the Barricades was conceived as a site where I could condense all the writings I've done on the various IraqFact affiliated blogs and of course those from the community blogs as well.

I felt it was time to have a central location where all my work could be posted. Up until now I've posted my work on immigration reform at Migra Matters, my work on the Iraq war at Iraqfact, and of course all the rest at the numerous community blogs.

Although I will continue that practice ... Manning the Barricades will be the central location where I will be posting everything, no matter what topic.

I chose the name "Manning the Barricades" because I feel it reflects my belief that we of the internet activist community really are the vanguard of a growing movement to take back our nation from the powers that now control it.

All I can say to those so disheartened by current turn of events … hang in … we're gaining momentum … we're just starting to man the barricades for the fights to come

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Blogger Man Eegee said...

How many blogs do you have? :)

I'm a huge fan of Les Miz (the book long before I saw the play), so I totally dig the blog name. Thanks for your inspiring words over the past week, it has been helpful for me.

11:18 AM  
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