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Redstate Racism and the King Funeral

While the Republican spin machine and right wing punditry feign outrage over the "politicizing" of the memorial service of Coretta Scott King, a quick look over at usually somewhat civil Republican blog, Redstate, reveals the seamier side of the true racism that permeates the Grand Old Party.

From the front page:

With Regard To Today's Funeral Political Rally
By: Blanton • Section: Culture

Why is it that we have to accept the Pantheon of the Left and see their funerals televised -- from Wellstone to Mrs. King?
Why is it that those who participate in these funerals feel compelled to turn a solemn, religious event into a Def Comedy Jam spectacle of anti-Republican, anti-conservative boilerplate "known facts" and demands for handouts?

This is just further indication that the left is out of touch.

To borrow another contributor's phrase -- the media and the left treat the Jesse Jacksons of this country and the Jesse Jacksons of the Middle East with respect, compassion, and understanding. Those of us who work hard for a living to provide for our families, humbly go to church, and try to do unto others as we would have them do unto us see our values, our lifestyles, our beliefs, and our Lord ridiculed and bashed on television, the cover of Rolling Stone, and in the mainstream media.

I also think I have a clearer understanding of why the culture of so many black Americans in this country is below what it should be and is capable of being. The prominent black spiritual leaders, like Joseph Lowery, are more interested in subsidization from The ManTM than salvation from the Lord.

Feb 7th, 2006: 20:38:23

Full discussion:

As if that was not quite inflammatory enough, the comments went on to further expound upon more racists themes:

Peace By: davidba

You evidently did (not) live during the civil right era.
There was nothing peaceful about it.

If the truth be told, it was an extortion scam to enrich themselves. Mrs. King carried on this tradition. Anytime you wanted to use anything that was MLK, Jr. you had to pay Mrs. King.

Don't forget who the pupils were of this scam; Jesse Jackson, Joesph Lowery, and Hosea Williams. They practiced this extortion of Corporations all of their lives and some are still doing it.

So lets be honest, praise Mrs. King for the loss of a husband and who had to raise her children by herself, but don't latch on to a myth and try to make it true.

Funeral exceeded my expections for other reasons By: capitano

… I don't know the makeup of the King funeral attendees but you can bet a large portion were high profile Dems with an even higher concentration of race hustling poverty pimps. It was their show and if they want to defile the King legacy with no-class antics, why shouldn't it be on TV?

Clips By: itrytobenice

I saw clips of Clinton and some brown preacher. Clinton made reference to his wife's impending presidency (which hurt my heart and brought rousing cheers from the audience) and the preacher criticized President Bush for spending money on defense and lying (though he didn't use that word - just implied it) about weapons of mass destruction when there are still poor people in America.

At this point the poster is called out on the statement:

Some brown preacher? By: eastlake

"some brown preacher"
How very.... 1950s.

Another poster rises to the defense:

No, that was Brown v. Brown By: blooch

This is Al Sharpton to Howard Dean in 2004:
"Do you have a senior member of your cabinet that was black or brown?"

Dean did not, but apparently, we can take Sharpton's cue and refer to all non-African dark-skinned people as "brown"...unless he meant Latinos only, in which case we must deploy "sienna" and "umber" in our earth-tone rainbow coalition.

It really is funny to watch you "progressives" jump all over itrytobenice for picking up the wrong crayon. Why don't you throw in a lecture on the difference between "colored people" and "people of color"?

totally without class!! so what's new? By: adamsmith

President Bush come's to Mrs. King's funeral to pay his respects. Is a gentleman, as is his father and family, throughout the ceremony. They act with courtesy, honor, and class.
Some guy I've never heard of talks about not finding weapons of mass destruction and other political comments, knowing, coward that he is, that no will can take his political comments on at this event--which btw is a funderal. and Jimmy Carter, who we've learned over the past several years not only was a horrible president, without common sense, showed he had no more class than the first guy.

That crowd looked to be heavily Afro-American, and with their response and their applause, they showed themselves to be the same--no class! …

Insulting the sitting President of the US, when he has the respect to come to a funeral to honor the deceased and the causes they/she fought for--this is going to stick with me, a long, long time.

This is a crowd that as Karl Rove said, is pre--9/11. Protect the country, forget it. Every chance they get they'll just want their political ox gored, and their handouts increased.

They are a disgrace to themselves--I won't say a disgrace to America, because frankly I'm not sure they're American.

Very Fitting, Well done...Bravo! By: Braveheart

… Actually, I can't wait for the unsealing of the secret FBI King files in 2027 to reveal the truth about MLK and his less than honorable life and legacy (thanks to a liberal judge and the King family they have bought time preventing their release under FOIA... hmm, you think they have something to hide?). In the mean time, the country remains held hostage to the unbalanced and intellectually dishonest legacy of this man and his family. Pardon me if I choose not to worship at their phony altar.

Also, I can see clearly why blacks just love the Democratic party for all its done for them in perpetuating their continued pride in their own sense of victimhood. Bravo!

That sorry display at the funeral By: Tbone

is a distillation into a single drop of the reasons why the Dims are becoming irrelevant and why the majority of black Americans are doomed to poverty,ignorance and disadvantage.

Republicans can try to spin this any way they want … but their words reveal their true feelings and intents.
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